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Mobiles for the Earth

20 years breaking the links between technology and violence

Mobiles for the Earth which is part of this campaign, is a proposal targeted at mobile phone users which aims to gather up unused mobiles for humanitarian actions, environmental care and responsible consumer habits.

This initiative promotes the values of the Circular Economy, which is based on eliminating waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use and regenerating natural systems. It therefore promotes the recycling, reuse and reduction of waste, thus extending the useful lives of the products.

As a company, how can I collaborate?

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I am a company and I want to collaborate

Your company is going to renew its mobile devices and you don't know what to do with the old ones?

Supporting our Mobiles for the Earth initiative is very simple. All you have to do is donate your obsolete corporate mobile devices to our organisation and spread awareness about the campaign among your staff to get as many people to participate as possible. Alboan will take care of the rest!


What sort of devices are wanted?
Mobiles, smartphones and tablets.

Valid devices must meet the following requirements:

  • Devices must be unlocked from any telephone service provider.
  • In the case of Apple devices (iPads or iPhones), ensure they are not linked to the cloud.
  • Devices must not belong to any company or organisation.
  • No PIN or password.
  • Good general condition and operational.
  • No cracked screens.
  • Safe delivery: package the electronic devices securely and compactly. And, if possible, use bubble wrap. This will prevent screens from being damaged in transit. Label the package as: “Very Fragile”

What's not wanted?
Chargers, computers, desktop phones, batteries and USBs. By taking part, your company will be joining an initiative that’s been going strong for 10 years in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Colombia.

What do we do with your electronic devices?

  1. 1
    We gather up the devices
  2. 2
    We refurbish them
  3. 3
    We reuse them
  4. 4
    We support humanitarian aid projects

*We work with an authorised technology recovery company that deals with WEEE management (waste electrical and electronic equipment), specialising in devices, tech and telecommunications waste)

Qué hacemos con los dispositivos móviles

Impact of the initiative

Thanks to the participation of businesses, we have achieved the following objectives


mobiles collected


of materials collected


people assisted


of participants find it easy to collaborate and workers are interested in the campaign


collaborating businesses

Companies that collaborate

Beneficiaries of the project

logo SFVS
logo Carf

Testimonials from our partner companies

“At Florette, this action is framed within our corporate social responsibility policy as a project that aligns with our commitment to the environment and to helping collectives who are disadvantaged or at risk of social exclusion. At Florette, we are delighted and very grateful to be able to partner with entities like Alboan, with whom we can join forces and contribute our grain of sand to the cause.”


Sonia Orto. FLORETTE
RSE & Employer Branding

“For ALCAD it has been a pleasure to collaborate with a campaign that supports refugees and displaced persons in the Congo and Colombia. What's more, it has helped us to reflect on the “hidden side” of mobile phones, a reality that we are often unaware of.”

logo alcad

Communication manager

“For us, participating in the “Conflict-Free Technology” campaign meant gaining awareness of how, in our day to day lives, we are oblivious to these situations of conflict which, to a certain extent, we are causing because of our lifestyle. Being aware and doing our part does not resolve these conflicts, but it can help more people to become aware of these situations and encourage us to be more responsible. Taking part in this initiative sparked discussions on the topic in the company and generated awareness. We thank you for your work and contribution to making this world a little better.”

logo inpre

Martín Flores Razquin. INPRE COMPOSITES
Managing director

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