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What is “Mobiles for the Congo”?
Dona móviles por el Congo“Mobiles for the Congo” is an initiative by the NGO ALBOAN that is linked to the “Conflict-Free Technology” campaign. The initiative is designed for mobile phones users and aims to collect unused mobiles for:

  • Humanitarian actions, by allocating the profits obtained from recycling mobiles donated to humanitarian and development projects in eastern Congo.
  • Environmental protection, by collecting unused phones, keeping them from adding to pollution and giving them a purpose (reuse and recycle).
  • Responsible consumption, by extending the life of mobile phones and therefore streamlining the environmental impact of their manufacturing.

Who can participate?

“Mobiles for the Congo” is a citizen mobilisation initiative that requires the participation of many people and institutions:

  • Communication:“Mobiles for the Congo” needs people and institutions to help spread the initiative’s message and reach as many citizens as possible to encourage them to collaborate.
    Message: “Recycle the mobile phone you no longer use and you’ll be supporting humanitarian action projects, contributing to protecting the environment and the responsible use of mobile phones”.
    To that end:

    • People will be asked to donate unused mobiles by dropping them off in the collection boxes created for this purpose.
    • Institutions and volunteer groups will be asked to mobilise to install collection points and encourage collection.


  • Collection points: “Mobiles for the Congo” needs people and institutions to help designate well-frequented spaces for collection points.
    To do so it is necessary:

    • To have visible and easily-identifiable boxes.
    • To place them in numerous easy-to-find spots.


  • Coltán, uno de los minerales de sangreTransport and classification: “Mobiles for the Congo” is working together with Recyclia, a leading provider of sorting, recycling and recommerce solutions for mobile phones. Recyclia picks up the mobile phones from the collection points and find a proper use for them, preventing pollution and reusing those elements possible:
    • Phones that still work are sold on the second-hand market. The proceeds are used to fund humanitarian projects that ALBOAN manages in eastern Congo.
    • Phones that no longer work or have no market value are disassembled for parts, separating those that can be used and properly recycling the rest. These phones have no value, but placing the minerals back on the markets relieves some of the pressure on ore mining and ensures that these minerals do not end up in landfills, polluting the environment.


  • Use of proceeds: ALBOAN, an international cooperation Jesuit NGO in the Basque Country and Navarre, is responsible for developing humanitarian projects and sending the proceeds from mobile recycling to eastern Congo. Reclyclia transfers the proceeds to ALBOAN in order to fund its projects. ALBOAN works with the Jesuit Refugee Service in eastern Congo, providing support in:
    • Organising educational services for refugees and displaced persons.
    • Empowering women affected by conflict.
    • Developing economic alternatives for the affected population.

How can you help?

    • Móviles por el CongoBy donating your unused phones at any of the collection points: Euskaltel collaborates with the campaign by providing collection points for unused mobiles at all its points of sale.
    • By encouraging others to donate their unused mobiles.
    • By setting up collection points using campaign collection boxes:
      • To publicise the campaign
      • To encourage mobile phone donations


How do I set up a collection point?

      • Download the collaboration agreement.
      • Fill it out and send it in to request the collection boxes you need.
      • You can contact ALBOAN at:
        • Tel. 944 151 135
        • Email:

How can I request a pick-up of the collected phones?

The mobile phones will be picked up after a minimum number have been collected. For more information, please contact ALBOAN at:

    • Tel. 944 151 135
    • Email:
      You should specify the contact details: name, telephone number, full address and collection schedule (o pickup schedule). Likewise, it is important to close the package with the terminals, and stick the sticker provided together with the shipping and return address. A van will proceed to collect it within the shortest amount of time.


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