Conflict Free Technology Education Sheets

You can download all the sheets of our educational proposal on Conflict Free Technology. They are also available in Basque, English and French:

TLC sheets

Recommendations for educational work and use of educational cards for students in the last cycle of ESO and high school, that is, from 14 years onwards.

They can also work with groups of free time or any other type.

Recommendations for teaching and using the files 

00. Tell me abour yourself

01. Defining conflict minerals

02. Conflict minerals – the mineral’s journey to our pockets and back

03. For ethical public procurement

04. Conflict-related sexual violence

05. International legislation on conflict minerals. US and European cases

06. Extractivism and Pachamama. Does nature have an owner?

07. Assembly in sweatshops

08. Consumer-related proposals

09. Alternatives to technological consumption

10. End-of-life management of your smartphone

11. Moliba Makazi

12. Walikale, a video game about sustainable consumption

13. The earth and women defend themselves

14. Participation of congolese women in artisanal mining

15. Women in defence of their rights




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